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Where to get cash for old cars in Geelong

Posted by admin 07-03-2021

Car removal service in Geelong area is provided by junk car removal Geelong. Cash for cars Geelong service is also available with our company. We buy any used, unregistered, scrap, accident, registered, junk cars/vans/trucks/utes and we offer FREE car removal service anywhere in Geelong, Victoria area.

If you have any broken car, you wish to dispose or get rid of, just contact us or visit our website to book a professional car removal service. Your unwanted vehicle will be removed on the same day and you will get good money for it. Our company contact number is 0403 684 535.

Our website:

Our services are very prompt and we are the best certified wrecker in the Geelong area with many years of experience. We take care of all the works regarding car removal service; starting from picking up the car to doing all the car disposal paperwork - so that our customers do not have to worry about a thing.

By disposing of your old vehicle will you not only get some money for it but you will also be helping the environment. You see every car that is sent to the wrecking yard will have all of its parts removed and re-used in other vehicles and whatever is left over will be converted into new materials for use in other products or even new cars!

Another benefit of scrapping your old ride is that you will save on the repair or running costs are older vehicles require more maintenance and are generally less fuel efficient. Also older vehicles were probably built to less safety stringent rules and regulations as compared to modern government legislation. For example, older cars have less airbags (or none at all). By getting rid of your old car you should consider buying a safer and more environmental friendly vehicle.

Also the Victorian government as announced two pilot programs to help reduce the number of older and less safe vehicles on the roads in regional areas. Victorian premier Daniel Andrews posted about the scheme on Facebook. One scheme will help young people scrap their old car and buy something that is newer and safer another scheme will support regional Victorians aged 65 or over on low income with short-term affordable leases on newer and safer vehicles.

The details of the two schemes have not been outlined as of yet.

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