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For Used Car Parts Hunters

When searching for used car parts we normally need to search for and contact car wreckers auto recyclers one-by-one until we find the part we need. takes the hassle out of searching for used car parts by allowing you to fill in one simple form and let car wreckers and auto recyclers contact you if they have the car part you are looking for.

You do not need to register to create a new request for a part you are looking for however a valid email address is needed to get responses from businesses.

For Car Wreckers / Car Yards / Auto Recyclers (Dismantlers) / Used Car Parts Sellers

Now days it is imperative that your business is online if you want consumers to find your business or find a product you sell. allows car part hunters to submit their used car parts request and car wreckers reply to the request from their email inbox!

If your business has a website simply provide a link to GetMeUsedCarParts on your website to receive request from around Australia.

Simply contact us with your details to get started.

Cost of Service is a free service. There is no cost to the consumers looking for used car parts or car wreckers / car yards / auto recyclers using our service.

We guarantee never to send any paid advertising material to consumers or businesses, i.e. no spam. Read the privacy and disclaimer for more information.

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The story behind

Updated Thursday 25th January, 2020

As an individual we have had the need, and probably will in the future, to find car parts from wreckers for our vehicles. Every time we needed a car part we knew we had a task ahead of us –

  1. Work out exactly what we are going to say to wreckers
  2. Get a list of wreckers around our area
  3. Ring each wrecker individually
  4. Explain what we needed
  5. Negotiate price
  6. Arrange pick-up date/time

Having done this several times over the years we tried to search for a website that could make this task easier. Not having much luck we decided we would make one; hence was born!

The idea of is very simply – people looking car parts submit their used car parts request and car wreckers can respond to the request from their email inbox. No commission is earned as the communication between buyers and wreckers is direct.

Happy used car parts hunting! makes it easy

Updated Thursday 23rd January, 2020

It’s a bad feeling when you are driving down the road and the car starts to make funny sounds or even worse comes to a stop. The first thing you think is “how much is this going to cost me?” Like the most of us we don’t want to spend extra money on our vehicles than we have to. When a vehicle breaks down you normally need to replace the faulty parts to get it going again but as most of us who try to source second hand or used car parts ourselves we know how much of a headache this can be. Contacting wreckers one-by-one over the phone and repeating our conversation with each wrecker until we get the part we need and for a decent price.

Of course, as most of us know from experience, most car wreckers/car parts recyclers are not a happy bunch of people to deal with. You have to put yourself in their shoes to understand their frustration. Imagine working outdoors in the cold or the heat, removing car parts from old, dirty and written off vehicles while attending to the phone to answer car parts requests. Most people will provide clear and concise information about the car part they are after and be descriptive of make, model, year, variant and location of the car part. You would also be frustrated if you were working in a dusty/dirty outdoors environment and being asked questions without being given the full information. makes it easy for people looking for used car parts to find what they need. At the same time it makes it even easier for car wreckers to deal with used car parts requests from the comfort of an office. The request you make through is designed so that you provide useful information that car wreckers require and car wreckers only respond to requests where they have a used car part they can provide.

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