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How to wash your car properly

Posted by admin 13-10-2020

Washing your car isn't rocket science but doing it properly will save you time and give you that 'wow' factor in the finished job.

Here are five simple steps:

  1. Wheels First – Use a recommended wheel cleaner. Rinse the wheel with water first. Spray the wheel cleaner onto the wheels until it is completely covered. Use a bottle washer to get into hard to reach places. Make sure to read the wheel cleaner usage instructions first as some contain acid, which can damage the alloy rims if left on for too long. It is always a good idea to move the vehicle just enough so that wheels turn half way so the under sides can be cleaned thoroughly as well. Use a high pressure spray washer (gurney) to rinse the wheel. Do one wheel at a time.
  2. Pre-wash – to protect the paint work it is always recommended to spray the vehicle with prewash foam that will help lift dirt from the body before we begin to use any contact method to wash the car. Once the car is completely covered in foam use the high pressure washer to remove the foam and any loose dirt. Remember not to get too close the paint work as the high pressure may lift and remove the paint. Obviously for extremely dirty cars use the high pressure cleaner to loosen and remove the mud before using a prewash formula.
  3. Wash – Use the two bucket method for washing your car. One bucket should contain the washing liquid mixed with the recommended amount of water and the other just clean water. Never use household washing liquids as they may damage the paint work. Always start from the top and work your way down the vehicle. Start by applying the washing liquid solution to the roof of the car using a soft microfiber premium scratch-free washing mitt. Once applied to the roof rinse the mitten in clean water before applying the washing mix to the windscreen, rear window, front bonnet, rear boot and both sides using the same method. Wash off the soap with the high pressure washer.
  4. Dry – You will not get a great finish on your washing job if you do not dry it properly. A chamois (shammy) is recommended for wiping down the vehicle once it has been washed. Once again start from the top and work your way down the vehicle. Ring out (twist the chamois inside your hands) to remove the water collected before wiping down the next part. Repeat this step until the whole car is dry. Alternatively if you have access to a compressor you can blow dry the vehicle however this may be time consuming depending on the attachments you have for the compressor.
  5. Clean the window – no car wash job is complete unless the windows are cleaned as well. You will be surprised how easy it is to clean the windows by simply using a moist chamois and a simple dry and clean cotton towel. Simply run the chamois over the window and immediately clean the wet window using the cloth. For hard to remove marks use a window cleaner with the cloth.


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