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How to save money when buying new car tyres

Posted by admin 16-12-2020

Every few years I have to change the tyres on my Honda Civic sedan 2008. Being conscious of price I do not go for the top of the range tyres as the vehicle is driven less than 250km in a week, mainly from home to work and back. Also the budget tyres have suited me well as they last about 2 – 3 years.

Buying the Right Tyres at the Right Price

Getting my tyres replaced this time around a valuable lesson was learnt about doing a bit of research before making a purchase. I turned up to the usual place where I get the tyres changed and asked for a price and said “go ahead”. The price for one tyre was $140 but since I purchased 4 I would get the fourth one for free. So simple maths tells me $140 times 3 is equal to $420. This included fitting and wheel balancing.

Once I got home I decided to see what other tyre supply/fitment shops were asking. I was shocked to find that I could get the same brand of tyre for $85! Of course this did not include fitting or the fourth tyre was not offered for free. The fitting charge would be about $70.

But I could have gone for the $45 tyre as well and that would have set me back $250. So how do you save money when buying new tyres for your car?

Here are the services that I found to be most useful when it comes to researching the tyre market.

  1. Tyroola – They sell their own stock and give you the option of selecting a tyre fitting place close to you. You have to keep in mind that price for the tyres does not include fitting and the fitting charges vary from fitting partner to another. You can choose for Tyroola to come to your place and fit the tyres there, of course this is at extra cost on top of the price of the tyres. Also wheel alignment cost is extra.
  2. TyreCompare – They do not sell their own stock and are more of comparison service that will allow you to look-up the available tyres for the size you have selected. Once you select a tyre brand you will be shown what tyre fitting centre is selling them and at what price. You will need to manually get in touch with the fitting centre to book in your vehicle and have the tyres replaced. The price per tyre includes tyre fitting, wheel balancing and tyre disposal.
  3. TyreSales – Is similar to Tyroola in that you can choose the tyres and have them fitted at a partner fitting centre, have them fitted at your home or place of work or have the tyres delivered to a place of your choosing and get them fitted yourself. They also offer 12 months interest free payments with ZIP pay and will attend to any puncture for the first 12 months free of charge.

Of course, if you know of other great tyre purchase/comparison services please email admin (AT)


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