OZ Car Parts (Smithfield)

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Oz Car Parts OPEN 6 DAYS specialise in all parts, panels and a wide range of Engine, Auto transmission, Manual gearbox, Seat, Diff, Cv joint, Door, Tow bar, Tail shaft, Service parts, Radiator, Water pump, Spring ,Engine mount, Alternator, Starter motor, Power steering pump ,Power steering rack, Window, Brake pads, Tail gate, Brake rotors, Fog light, Window regulator ,Seat belt, Wheel hub bearing, Radiator fan, Body kit, Batteries, Door handle ,Bonnet, Bumper, Guard, Mirror ,Headlight ,Tail light, Exhaust ,Suspension, Mag wheel, Tyre, Fuel pump, Radio, Speedo, Air bag, Air conditioning compressor, Window switch, Antenna, Steering Wheel, Grille, Shock , Strut ,Body control module, Engine control unit, Radiator overflow bottle, Brake booster, Control arm, Everything you need for your car available in stock.


Mon - Fri 8am to 5:30pm
Sat 8am to 2pm
Sun Closed



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