Fordpro Wreckers (Smithfield)

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About FordPro Wreckers

Here at FordPro Wreckers we are Australia’s number one supplier of second hand parts for Ford Falcon, Fairlane, Territory and all FPV models. We supply the highest quality of second hand parts with all of them being tested before re sold to our customers. All of our staff here have an excellent knowledge of all models of Falcon, Fairlane, Territory and FPV models. Our staff are always happy to help out with any of your problems or issues that you have with your Ford.

If your Ford requires mechanical attention, then we are the place to bring your car to. We have the latest diagnostics equipment and all of the tools needed to diagnose any problem that your Ford may have. We are able to supply and fit second hand genuine Ford parts to your car to fix the problems that come up on the diagnostics machine.

With our yard here, we have many complete Fords sitting here ready to be dismantled. All parts are available, and if they aren’t on the cars in our yard we will more then likely have them on the shelf ready to go. With our knowledge throughout the industry, we are able to track down any part that we don’t have available at our shop. We don’t only stock standard second hand parts, but we also stock second hand performance parts. We have a range of different performance parts to suit all the makes and models of Falcon, Fairlane, Territory and FPV’s. From performance air intakes and sports exhausts, to aftermarket superchargers, we have got all different types of parts available.

Upon walking into our showroom, you will be blown away with the amount of parts we have here, and the different range of performance engines we have waiting to be sold to anyone who is ready to handle them. You will be greeted by our friendly staff who are waiting to help you with your parts requests and answer all of your questions you have about your Ford.

We have our own Tilt Tray service here, so that means if your car isn’t drivable, we are able to pick up your car from you and bring it to our workshop to carry out any repairs that are necessary. We are also able to drop your car back off to you once the job has been completed and your problem with your car has been fixed.

We have our own mechanics on hand here who have the best knowledge on Fords and are able to quickly but efficiently complete any repairs necessary on your Ford. We also have the capability of doing engine or transmission conversions and are able to add any performance parts you need.

Our aim here at FordPro wreckers is to supply second hand parts of excellent quality to our customers and to keep our customers happy. We are more then happy to help with your Ford problems or issues.





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