Gary Rush Auto Wreckers / Pick'n'Payless (Blacktown)

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The Legacy of Gary Rush Auto Wreckers: A Journey Through Time

Blacktown, NSW - In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of auto recycling, few names have stood out as prominently as Gary Rush Auto Wreckers, also known by its popular moniker, Pick 'n' Payless. Established in 1997, this business carved out a niche in the industry, transforming the way customers interacted with auto parts recycling.

A Revolutionary Business Model

At its core, Pick 'n' Payless revolutionized the auto parts industry with its unique self-service model. In an era where auto part sourcing was often costly and cumbersome, Gary Rush Auto Wreckers offered a refreshingly hands-on approach. Customers, armed with their tools, could venture into the vast expanse of the wrecking yard, searching for and extracting parts from a wide array of vehicles. From family cars to rugged 4WDs, and from sleek utes to versatile vans, the business catered to an extensive range of automotive makes and models, both foreign and domestic.

This innovative model was not just about providing access to auto parts; it was about delivering them at incredibly low prices. In doing so, Gary Rush Auto Wreckers didn't just sell parts; they sold an experience - the thrill of the hunt for the perfect part, and the satisfaction of cost-saving DIY automotive repair.

The Man Behind the Wheel

The success story of Pick'n'Payless is inseparable from its founder, Gary Rush. A figure well-known in the speedcar racing domain, Gary Rush was not just a business owner but a champion of the racing tracks. His expertise and passion for automobiles translated seamlessly into his business, creating an enterprise that resonated with car enthusiasts and casual customers alike.

An Unexpected Turn

However, the road for Gary Rush Auto Wreckers took an unexpected turn. The business, which had become a local mecca for car parts over the years, faced a significant change in ownership. Reports indicated that the new owner, following the purchase of the business from Gary Rush, met with an untimely demise. This incident marked a poignant chapter in the business's history, shadowing its legacy with a touch of melancholy.

The End of an Era

Adding to the narrative of change, recent developments have reported the closure of Pick 'n' Payless Self Serve Auto Parts. The land, which housed countless vehicles and memories for its patrons, was sold to a developer, signaling the end of an era. This closure marks not just the end of a business but the conclusion of a chapter in the local automotive culture in Blacktown.


As we look back at the legacy of Gary Rush Auto Wreckers, it's a reminder of how businesses can leave an indelible mark on a community. While the gates of Pick 'n' Payless may have closed, the memories and experiences it provided will continue to live on in the hearts of its many patrons. From a pioneering business model to its final closure, Gary Rush Auto Wreckers/Pick 'n' Payless remains a testament to innovation, passion, and the ever-changing tides of the automotive world.


Monday to Saturday 8am - 5pm (last gate entry 4:30pm)
Sunday 9am to 3pm (last gate entry 2:30pm)
Closed Christmas Day, New Years Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and ANZAC Day



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