Paradise Auto Parts (Para Hills West)

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About Paradise Auto Parts

Paradise Auto Parts will change your perception of the auto recycling industry

The thought of buying recycled auto parts used to conjure images of disorganised yards, with an overseer wearing shorts and drinking beer.

Paradise Auto Parts offers you another approach. Our modern, neat and tidy facility and our professional, impeccably presented staff reflect our commitment to excellence in the auto recycling industry. Easy to find, high quality parts

There are two factors that are critical when you source a recycled part: range and quality. Paradise Auto Parts has both.

Our warehouse has over 4,500 square meters of storage space, with more than 50,000 spare parts. We stock pieces from all makes and models of cars, commercial vehicles, 4WDs and light trucks, and gain new stock on a weekly basis. So, when you need to find a recycled part, we probably already have it pre-dismantled and sitting on a shelf waiting for you.

Paradise Auto Parts has strict quality control processes, extending to cleaning and cataloguing. You know that a part bought from us will be as good as new. Recycled parts are an economical choice

Did you know that buying a recycled part can save you up to 50% or more, compared to the price of a new part? You still enjoy a quality product, without the cost of buying it new. Warranties to back you up

Paradise Auto Parts offers four levels of warranty: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Standard. You can choose the warranty that is right for you. When you do need to call on your warranty, Paradise Auto Parts will pick up your vehicle or part and ensure it is fixed quickly and efficiently.


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