Fred's Auto Repairs & Wrecking (Williamstown)

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About Fred's Auto Wreckers and Mechanical Repair

Fred's Auto wreckers and mechanical repair is a family business owned by ElBeden brothers Fred and Sam whom gained their expertise from their father tony who's well-known in the business in the western suburbs for more than forty years.

OUR COMMITMENTS We have committed ourselves to conserving the future through automotive recycling and to bringing our customers high-quality, low-cost alternatives in auto parts. Whether you are looking for used, new or aftermarket parts, we've got you covered. Give us a call or stop down to our location for fast and friendly service. With most parts in stock already off of the vehicle, we provide a speed and convenience most other places don't. Check us out for all your parts needs..

OUR CAR WRECKERS Being a licensed auto wrecker, our car wreckers are professional and highly qualified. We equip our wrecking yards with all the necessary tools and equipment for optimal dismantling services. Combined with master dismantlers,our customers are assured the highest payout on their car removal. Our car wreckers practice a recycling process in which all of the parts and components of the vehicle are removed. Once the parts are removed, they then crush the metal of the vehicle into scrap metal. The process is one that practices green standards, avoiding damaging landfills by recycling, reusing and reselling parts and metals


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